Interested in hiring me?
Here are my current prices.

Tech Support / Computer Repair
(does not include the cost of parts.)

  • Diagnostic
    e.g. “I don’t know what’s wrong, can you tell me?”
  • New Computer Setup (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)
    e.g. “I bought a new computer – what’s with all these extra programs that are already installed?”
  • Part installation and optimization
    e.g. “Can you install these parts and make everything run faster?”
  • Virus and Malware Removal*
    e.g. “Why do I get pop-ups about needing more virus protection?”
  • Full PC backup with automatic future backups scheduled
    e.g. “I heard I should backup my computer. Can you set that up?”
  • Clean Windows 10 or macOS installation with installation of recommended free programs and reinstallation of your previously purchased software.
    e.g. “I need to start over and have everything fresh!”

*Extenuating circumstances may result in my hourly rate being charged instead of what is listed above. This would only happen with prior approval.

Graphic Design
(price does not include printing however I can provide quotes for professional quality prints if you so desire)

  • Facebook Cover Photo/Profile Image
  • Social Media Advertisement for Instagram/Facebook (1500px X 1500px)
  • Poster Sized Advertisement for print (8.5″×14″ to 11″×17″ in size)
  • Logo for Business

Video Editing
(I hope to offer filming in the future but at this time I am only able to work with the footage you have already gathered with your GoPro, iPhone, or other personal video recorder.)

  • Family Videos (like for a funeral/memorial service) set to Music (up to 5min long)
  • Video Recap (like of a vacation) set to music (up to 5min long)
  • For-Profit Advertisement (under 2min)


  • Social Media Presence – Facebook, Twitter, Etc
    (Setup one site plus up to two hours of training/support for future use)
    • Job Requests not falling under one of the above categories
      Varies but hovers around my hourly rate of $40 per.
    • Non-Profit work
      Let’s Talk

    Contact Me

    The best way to contact me for jobs is via Facebook Messenger.  Go to to get started.