Facebook keeps asking “what’s on your mind” and I’m continually hesitant to answer out of fear that my written words will result in burnt bridges. Honestly, life was easier when I was in my early-twenties and didn’t care about people’s snap judgements due to my (often) unfiltered opinions. Or at least when I was oblivious…Read more 1:19

I Made A Thing!

I created a poster! Inspiration was taken from a shirt I saw a picture of online. The background image was obtained through unsplash.com and the scripture text is used with permission. I originally started working on this poster as a personal reminder. As a Christian, I know that I am commanded to love my neighbor…Read more I Made A Thing!

Being Remembered

My Nana died 113 days ago. She was funny, kind, loving, patient, selfless, dedicated, and God-fearing. She was everything I strive to be and her death hit me harder than I anticipated. This past weekend all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren gathered together to reflect, mourn, and celebrate her life. We shared stories.…Read more Being Remembered