Adventures in Blu-ray Authoring

What Started All This *If you don't want background, skip to "How To Make It Happen" for step-by-step directions* I love the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series.  The story is engaging, the humor is on point, and the artwork is beautiful.  A glaring issue, however, is that Nickelodeon has only ever released the show on DVD…Read more Adventures in Blu-ray Authoring

Passionate Pursuit

I was recently invited to write for GetConnectDAD's 52 Traits campaign. Its focus is to provide a platform for dads to talk about the traits that we would like to help instill into our children.  Below is my guest piece on the topic of being Passionate (or click here to view it on their site). When people hear…Read more Passionate Pursuit

Cat Theology

I found this via /r/christianity, posted by /u/1nstrument.  All credit goes to them. God gave us cats to show us exactly how He sees us. Here are the similarities between us and them: They ignore us most of the time, but won't shut up when they want something from us. When we open doors for…Read more Cat Theology