2018 in Review

2018 was a rough year and I’m not just talking about the socio-political landscape. Personally, it has kicked my butt! I honestly can’t remember another time when I have looked forward to the clock rolling forward into January with this much anticipation. Obviously writing a different date won't automatically fix one’s problems but there is…Read more 2018 in Review


Facebook keeps asking “what’s on your mind” and I’m continually hesitant to answer out of fear that my written words will result in burnt bridges. Honestly, life was easier when I was in my early-twenties and didn’t care about people’s snap judgements due to my (often) unfiltered opinions. Or at least when I was oblivious…Read more 1:19

I Made A Thing!

I created a poster! Inspiration was taken from a shirt I saw a picture of online. The background image was obtained through unsplash.com and the scripture text is used with permission. I originally started working on this poster as a personal reminder. As a Christian, I know that I am commanded to love my neighbor…Read more I Made A Thing!

Being Remembered

My Nana died 113 days ago. She was funny, kind, loving, patient, selfless, dedicated, and God-fearing. She was everything I strive to be and her death hit me harder than I anticipated. This past weekend all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren gathered together to reflect, mourn, and celebrate her life. We shared stories.…Read more Being Remembered