Facebook keeps asking “what’s on your mind” and I’m continually hesitant to answer out of fear that my written words will result in burnt bridges. Honestly, life was easier when I was in my early-twenties and didn’t care about people’s snap judgements due to my (often) unfiltered opinions. Or at least when I was oblivious to the potential impact those hard-to-change judgements might have on my ministry.

I blame scripture for forcing me to mature. The whole “let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” in James really hampers my old self.

I miss civil conversation around open tables like I had back in college. I miss when I could regularly sit with fellow believers and listen to them share their thoughts on life and have them listen to me in return. And no, not every conversation ended in someone changing their opinion – that wasn’t the point. There was “Space At The Table” for sharing dissenting opinion and for listening to other opinions because we all wanted the same privilege. But I’m not in that environment anymore and I don’t see those engaging conversations as an option on my Facebook feed; in the land of soapboxes, differing view points are of little value other than to be a target for hurtful, conversation-ending responses. Multnomah may have been a bubble but at least it wasn’t an echo chamber of mic drops.

I guess what I’m saying is that it would be nice to openly converse with others without fear of immediate hostility or the resulting broken friendship. And that I miss feeling 22.