I found this via /r/christianity, posted by /u/1nstrument.  All credit goes to them.

God gave us cats to show us exactly how He sees us.

Here are the similarities between us and them:

  • They ignore us most of the time, but won’t shut up when they want something from us.
  • When we open doors for them, they’re hesitant to go through and often come right back in a few minutes later.
  • They’re nearly impossible to train.
  • They scare easily, scattering and hiding at the first sign of trouble.
  • They often get into spats with other cats.
  • Not content with their own yard, they go and piss on other cats’ territory.
  • They think we’re reaaalllly impressed when they bring us dead animals.
  • They leave disgusting messes for us to clean up.
  • They get up on ‘high places’ the moment we turn our back, even though we know they know not to because we can see the guilt on their furry little faces.
  • Their antics are often hilarious.
  • They put themselves into situations that they need help to get out of.
  • They hate it when we try to dunk them in water.
  • We buy them nice things but they spurn them and go with cheap substitutes.
  • If they get lost and find their way back to us, we are overjoyed.
  • They can be quite cuddly when they want to be.
  • Even though they’re flawed, we love them terribly and want them to live in our houses so we can dote on them and enjoy their company forever.