Family Wisdom


Thoughts on teaching and life by Johann F. Duerksen. He was my Grandpa’s Grandpa and I can only dream of having a beard as amazing as his.

  • Success in teaching does not depend upon what you learn from books; but, one should continually strive to learn the book knowledge well, for it provides the tools for better living.
  • True conscientious fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
  • A loving soft answer is the disciplinarian’s strong arm that delivers a wise student from foolishness. If that fails, you know you are dealing with a foolish person and deal with him accordingly.
  • Personality is the greatest factor in a teacher, and this is found in the implicit faith in obeying Jesus.
  • Trust your student in your dealings even though he fails you at times. He will test you, surely; but he loves you all the more when he learns that trust is mutual.
  • A truly converted teacher, filled with the faithful spirit of God, may make failures; but in the end, he will succeed.